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Kobe’s Gonna Retire in a Couple Years?!?!

If you haven’t seen this video footage of an interview with Kobe Bryant recently, here it is:

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The Miami Heat Team and Rotations?! Unbelievable!

If you haven’t heard yet, the Miami Heat have signed both Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis via free agency. Holy $H!T. Both being good shooters, they are coming off the bench this next year and will make the Heat much better. Remember when they both were in the Seattle Supersonics many years ago? Now they’re back together! They used to start together, and now they’re on the bench together. If you take a look at their bench, they have…

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Mitch Kupchak Is A Genius!

I have had some doubts about the Mitch Kupchak, the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers, but he has always been able to pull off trades that were a steal for the Lakers! Yes, he hasn’t pulled the trigger on trades too much, but when he does, he turns out to be a bonafide genius! There are a couple trades that he will be recently remembered for: the trade to get Steve Nash this year and the trade that got Pau Gasol.

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I Am Officially Tired of the Dwight Howard Trade Drama

I know my last post was about Dwight Howard and the Lakers, but I am tired of hearing all these rumors and just want something to be finally done. All I keep hearing all over are “sources” saying he’ll go here, he’ll go there, and then switch up the stories every day. It gets old after hearing about it over and over again. This post will be a rant about how tired I am hearing about all this.

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Is Trading For Dwight Howard Good or Bad for the Lakers?

There have been rumors of the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace for Dwight Howard. Is it really worth trading for this drama-filled player? We will look at the pros (good) and cons (bad) of the trade and if it really does make sense doing this trade.

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Steve Nash a New Laker via Sign-and-Trade Deal

Coming home from celebrating the fourth of July, I find out that the Lakers have received PG Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns. I was like WTF?! Is this for real?? I believe so. All the Lakers had to give up was their trade exception that they received from the Dallas Mavericks in the Lamar Odom trade, and will have to absorb Nash’s contract in the sign-and-trade deal.

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