Now That The NBA Season Is Officially Over…

So what is there to do??

Here are a few things that you can do to pass the time until the next NBA season comes:

1) Pay attention to all the player movement during the off-season

There will be many sites that will mention about trade rumors and actual movement, so get on that! Don’t leave yourself behind just because no more games are being played anymore!

2) Play some actual basketball yourself

Now that the season is over, time to bring out the ball and hoop and play some basketball in the nearest park or gym. All those times that you have been inside and watching other people play is gone, and it’s time for some basketball for yourself!

3) Play some basketball video games

Who wants to play a game of NBA 2k12?! (XBL: DaLakersFan)

4) Watch other sports like baseball or football

Been missing football or baseball games because of the NBA season or playoffs? Now is the time to catch up to it!

5)  Comment any other options YOU have!

About thilanwij

Thilan. 26. HUGE Basketball Fanatic. Laker Fan. I like basketball, video games and music. Anything else? Lemme know!
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