Steve Nash a New Laker via Sign-and-Trade Deal

Coming home from celebrating the fourth of July, I find out that the Lakers have received PG Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns. I was like WTF?! Is this for real?? I believe so. All the Lakers had to give up was their trade exception that they received from the Dallas Mavericks in the Lamar Odom trade, and will have to absorb Nash’s contract in the sign-and-trade deal.

Steve Nash’s contract will be 3 years, for $25 million. The Lakers have enough room to get this and the exception had helped a lot with the contract. I believe this move is a big step forward, even though they needed to get younger. Nash will be able to set up all the people around him and even be a threat to shoot. They have been looking for someone like this, but the problem is that he is old now. I still expect Kobe to get the scoring load and handle the ball, but we will see how this works out in the season.

Get ready Los Angeles to have a nice season with their new veteran point guard Steve Nash!

P.S. I hear rumors about the Lakers trying to get Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace. If this is true, and this really happens, more well-known players should flock a bit more to them and be able to fill in some needs for the bench squad.


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2 Responses to Steve Nash a New Laker via Sign-and-Trade Deal

  1. Chris Ross says:

    What. An. Absolute. Shocker. My mind was blown when I found out Steve Nash was going to Los Angeles. It’s going to be very interesting to see how he fits in with Kobe’s ball dominating ways but I think this is good for the Lakers. Instant contenders IMO. Nash should fit right in with the big men and, as usual, he makes everyone better around him. Another NBA season full of new storylines. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say

    • thilanwij says:

      I know, right? And I can’t wait to see how they play together! I wonder if Kobe will let Nash play how he does and give him the ball, but when it’s the fourth, it’s Kobe time!!! Thanks for the comment!

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