Is Trading For Dwight Howard Good or Bad for the Lakers?

There have been rumors of the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace for Dwight Howard. Is it really worth trading for this drama-filled player? We will look at the pros (good) and cons (bad) of the trade and if it really does make sense doing this trade.


Lakers get more athletic

With the addition of Dwight, the Lakers get much more athletic because Andrew Bynum just cannot move like this guy. Nor can he jump like him. This is a huge upgrade in athleticism and now Nash has someone he can throw high lobs to so that nobody has a chance to get it.

Become a definite title contender

With the Lakers adding another superstar-caliber player like Howard, the Lakers are definitely one of the top teams in the West and he gives them a chance to win a championship this year. This sure is a good move if you want to win now. Just hope he stays healthy. (*knocks on wood*)

This will attract free agents

Just like how LeBron and Miami Heat’s big three attracted a bunch of role players, they would be able to get some decent players who can play their roles in the team for a cheaper price. The reason for this is that they realize the Lakers would now be championship contenders and I’m sure everybody would love to be a part of this team.

Get one of the best centers in the league

Dwight Howard is probably the best center in the league when healthy. He gives you blocks, rebounds and scoring in astounding numbers. He is super athletic and can give you a dunk poster basically every night if he had to. You would give up a young center like Bynum, but Kobe wants to win his 6th now, and not wait any longer. This is a great trade if the Lakers want to win NOW. I’m not saying Bynum won’t help, because he will, but you can’t pass on a superstar like this is it was a possibility!


Lose depth

There is one problem with trading for Dwight: they lose more depth in the team. They would need to use more money to fill in the void left by Metta World Peace (if that trade is offered and accepted). They do have Matt Barnes, but he is not that consistent. One option is getting Grant Hill. I know he is old like Nash, but he is still pretty effective. This will probably be a one to two-year option for the Lakers and temporary fill in the small forward position.

Risky if he doesn’t extend contract

I don’t think this trade will be worth it if he leaves the team for free agency next year after his last year on his contract. I am sure though, if the Lakers win it all, he will stay. Why would you leave a championship team?! But if he leaves, the Lakers will be left with nothing. I wouldn’t want to trade a one-and-done player if I already have nice young talent like Andrew Bynum on my squad.

Adds more “drama”

This would really add more drama in L.A. because you know how he has been in the last year. Being all indecisive, having problems with the coaching staff or maybe even teammates. I know Hollywood is nearby and all, but he hopefully he doesn’t cause too much drama if he gets on the team. 

Dwight wants to be a top scoring option

I remember hearing that Dwight didn’t really like how he would be a third option if he was traded to the Lakers. He might not like being a third option, but he will need to deal with it because we all know Chris Bosh feels that way. But you know what? He just won a championship. Dwight, do you really want to win a championship or not? If you do, just get over it and take it for the team. 

Do you agree or disagree with what you just read? Let me know in the comments! I would be glad to hear from you!


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