I Am Officially Tired of the Dwight Howard Trade Drama

I know my last post was about Dwight Howard and the Lakers, but I am tired of hearing all these rumors and just want something to be finally done. All I keep hearing all over are “sources” saying he’ll go here, he’ll go there, and then switch up the stories every day. It gets old after hearing about it over and over again. This post will be a rant about how tired I am hearing about all this.

This is reminding me of when Carmelo was still in the Nuggets and all I heard was all the possibilities of where he might go. Dwight Howard is the man of the year now for that story. He is so damn indecisive and so are the Orlando Magic staff! Please decide where you want him to go! Now I may be biased with this opinion (maybe, maybe not), but I think their best deal would be the Los Angeles Lakers trade offer. I spoke about the pros and cons of Dwight Howard in LA last post, and I think it will help both sides much better than the other weak-ass offers I hear about. You get a guy who was in the all-star game last year in Bynum, and a great defender in Metta World Peace! You can’t get anything better than that, can you?

Well that is a good enough rant for now…hope to see Dwight finally choose another team and let this all be over with. What do you think of all this “drama”? Let me know in the comments below on what you think about this article and your opinion on this topic. Don’t be afraid!

P.S. Update! Just found out that they are stalling all Dwight Howard trade talks and will focus on finding a head coach first. What?!?! I guess this means that we will have more drama in the future…


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