Mitch Kupchak Is A Genius!

I have had some doubts about the Mitch Kupchak, the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers, but he has always been able to pull off trades that were a steal for the Lakers! Yes, he hasn’t pulled the trigger on trades too much, but when he does, he turns out to be a bonafide genius! There are a couple trades that he will be recently remembered for: the trade to get Steve Nash this year and the trade that got Pau Gasol.

Both trades were such a steal on the Lakers side. For the Pau Gasol, we were able to get rid of Kwame Brown and a bunch of draft picks! Those draft picks don’t really matter to LA because they always end up being a really late pick due to the team finishing high in the standings. Basically, those picks are useless to help the team and make much of an impact. The most recent trade Mitch pulled off was the Steve Nash trade. That was really unexpected, especially due to the fact that Nash even said himself that he didn’t see himself in the Lakers. This trade involved a bunch of draft picks and a trade exception, the one that we got from the Mavericks for Lamar Odom.

I have nothing bad to say about Mitch right now because this recent trade has made LA a contending team for the title in the upcoming 2012-13 season. As a big Lakers fan, I am really excited to see how the team plays with the current roster, with Dwight Howard or not. Got anything to say or questions about this article? Let me know down there on the comments!


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