The Miami Heat Team and Rotations?! Unbelievable!

If you haven’t heard yet, the Miami Heat have signed both Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis via free agency. Holy $H!T. Both being good shooters, they are coming off the bench this next year and will make the Heat much better. Remember when they both were in the Seattle Supersonics many years ago? Now they’re back together! They used to start together, and now they’re on the bench together. If you take a look at their bench, they have…

-Ray Allen
-Rashard Lewis
-Shane Battier
-Joel Anthony
-Mike Miller
-Norris Cole

What the heck?! Their bench is stacked! And don’t forget to mention about the Heat’s starting lineup with three superstars…This is such a stacked team overall! They may need a bit more solid big man, but I wouldn’t doubt if they were able to get one out there easily.

One question I have is: how are they able to afford them all?! There is no way they can get all those solid guys into one team and still have the money to get them on contract. Ridiculous. Maybe I am being a Miami Heat Hater. Yes, I really don’t like them. That could be why I am ranting about them like this. But man, I’m still amazed how they were able to sign those two at the same time without having much trouble.

Another thing that I thought of, after reading this small article from RealGM, they can really be a positionless team. As long as they have a bunch of guys that can handle the ball, there really is no need for a point guard! You can put Wade, Allen, LeBron, Bosh and Haslem at the same time with no true point guard in the lineup. You can also put Allen, Wade, Battier, LeBron and Bosh at the same time as well. As long as they got one guy who can handle the ball in the lineup, they can easily put anybody else in the other four positions! This. Is. Crazy!

So…what do you think of this Miami Heat squad so far? I would love to know your opinions. Questions are welcome, too!


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