Kobe’s Gonna Retire in a Couple Years?!?!

If you haven’t seen this video footage of an interview with Kobe Bryant recently, here it is:

It is very understandable of the points that Kobe makes in the video. Yes, he has been playing in the league for 17 years. He came on the scene when he was just that age! It’s crazy knowing that he spent as much time in the NBA as he did before he was in the NBA.

He doesn’t really know where the Lakers will go right now, but he is probably focused on the team winning a championship this year. I am sure he wants to win that sixth championship ring! I think they really have a chance at that this year, especially if they get Dwight on the roster. If they don’t, they still have a big chance because their core is still in tact with Bynum, Kobe and Gasol, now mixed in with Steve Nash. Nash is¬†definitely¬†going to make this team much better and bring them to another level on the offensive end.

I believe the Lakers should start getting young talent for the future so that when Kobe retires, like he said in the video, we don’t have to suffer a huge drop in talent level. I would suggest the Lakers start building on their current players, making them better, and even scout out some talent they can sign in the free agency in the next couple years. This would really help the team out because they have a few guys on the team now that are getting up there in age. I even heard a rumor that the Lakers might sign Antawn Jamison, and he’s up there in age as well. If they get Grant Hill on top of that, man that’s sort of an oldie team!

What do you think will happen to the Lakers after/when Kobe retires? Let me know in the comments below!


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