Superstar Big 3’s: Is This The New NBA Trend?

It all started with the Boston Celtics. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Then the Miami Heat 2 seasons ago, when LeBron James went to the Miami Heat. After that, Chris Bosh did so right after. It took two seasons to win their first championship together. The question is: are the Brooklyn Nets next?

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Howard Requests Trade To Nets During Hennigan Meeting

New Magic GM Rob Hennigan met with Dwight Howard on Friday in Los Angeles.

Sources say that Howard informed Hennigan he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Hennigan did not inform Howard of his intentions.

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NBA Draft 2012: Lottery Picks Recap

NBA Draft 2012 Lotter Pick Results:

Name – Position – Drafted by

1) Anthony Davis – PF – New Orleans Hornets
2) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – SF – Charlotte Bobcats
3) Bradley Beal – G – Washington Wizards
4) Dion Walters – G – Cleveland Cavaliers
5) Thomas Robinson – PF – Sacramento Kings
6) Damian Lillard –  PG – Portland Trailblazers
7) Harrison Barnes – SF – Golden State Warriors
8) Terrence Ross – SG – Toronto Raptors
9) Andre Drummond – F – Detroit Pistons
10) Austin Rivers – G – New Orleans Hornets
11) Meyers Leonard – C – Portland Trailblazers
12) Jeremy Lamb – G – Houston Rockets
13) Kendall Marshall – PG – Phoenix Suns
14) John Henson – F – Milwaukee Bucks

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Charlotte Bobcats On The Prowl For More Talent

Have you heard? The lowly Charlotte Bobcats, who had the worst losing record in the NBA just this past season, just acquired new players and picks! The trade goes like this:

Pistons trade:
Ben Gordon
Lottery-protected Draft Pick in 2013

Bobcats trade:
Corey Maggette

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Now That The NBA Season Is Officially Over…

So what is there to do??

Here are a few things that you can do to pass the time until the next NBA season comes:

1) Pay attention to all the player movement during the off-season

There will be many sites that will mention about trade rumors and actual movement, so get on that! Don’t leave yourself behind just because no more games are being played anymore!

2) Play some actual basketball yourself

Now that the season is over, time to bring out the ball and hoop and play some basketball in the nearest park or gym. All those times that you have been inside and watching other people play is gone, and it’s time for some basketball for yourself!

3) Play some basketball video games

Who wants to play a game of NBA 2k12?! (XBL: DaLakersFan)

4) Watch other sports like baseball or football

Been missing football or baseball games because of the NBA season or playoffs? Now is the time to catch up to it!

5)  Comment any other options YOU have!

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Miami Heat Wins NBA Championship, R.I.P. Ringless LeBron Jokes

So LeBron finally wins his first NBA title tonight. Do you know what that really means? Bye bye Ringless LeBron Jokes! To me, those jokes started to get overdone, so I am kind of finally glad it is over. I don’t like LeBron, nothing personal, but I really wished the Thunder was able to keep it alive tonight.

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Wizards and Hornets Makin’ Moves

Take a look at the news that I found from RealGM:

The Wizards and Hornets have agreed to a trade of Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza for Rashard Lewis and the 46th overall pick.

The Hornets can buyout Lewis’ $23.8 million contract for $13.7 million before July 1st.

I believe this the Wizards a LOT more breathing room because they finally get rid of the huge amount of cap that Lewis has been giving them. This will also give them solid inside presence because Okafor is a good defensive and rebounding player that they need for their defense. They can now play Nene and Okafor at the same time, which will make any offense turn away from them. They both have an intimidating presence.

The Wiz also acquire Trevor Ariza, another defensive player. They also get a solid offensive option with him, and can replace the offense they lost when they traded away Nick Young last year. Wizards don’t have a bad team with this trade and are slowly improving their team little by little, piece by piece.

The Hornets can actually buy out Lewis, as long as they do it before July 1st. This will give them even more cap space to spend on players worth their contract. Lewis has not played up to his humongous contract and has been a burden for teams to keep him on contract.

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